Getting Tight With Cummerbunds

Published: 10th August 2010
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Cummerbunds are originally a Persian genitive phrase meaning "waist" and "band", which are typically worn as a clothing belt. Cummerbunds are usually worn with single-breasted dinner jackets, creating a dressy look. Cummerbunds are a good alternative for a waistcoat; that is why they are considered a part of a semi formal dress code (black-tie). If you don't feel like wearing a waistcoat or a vest, then consider wearing a cummerbund. This way, you'll still look dashing and refined when wearing your outfit.

For those who don't know what a cummerbund is, they are these wide, colorful bands that go around your waist. Sometimes, it matches with the color of the tie, preferably a bowtie, to give a formal look. Before they were considered as part of a formal get-up, they were once a civilian dress as a summer option with an informal dress code. The cummerbunds' sole purpose at that time was to hold ticket stubs and other small items, just like a pocket. Nowadays, the contemporary use of the cummerbund is purely visual, providing a continuous flow between the shirt and the waistband. They are generally secured by a ribbon, buckle or Velcro around the back.

There are a lot of shops these days that provide cummerbunds in sets with ties. Since they come in various color, you'll definitely find something you very much prefer. The most traditional colors usually being ordered are the red, gray and black. Usually the red cummerbunds are used during holiday seasons, but if you don't know what to wear, then black would be your best bet. If you plan of buying a cummerbund, silk would be the practical choice because it is appropriate for any formal event.

There are various cummerbund styles which you can freely choose. If you want some flare on your outfit, then put on a matching colorful bowtie and cummerbund in your special formal event like the prom. Sometimes, your prom date would even ask you to match the color of your outfit with the color of their dress. However, if you cannot decide on the color, you can opt on wearing the classic black. It will not only make you look slimmer and slender, but it will definitely go well with whatever color of the dress your partner has on.

After you have found the appropriate bowtie and cummerbund pair to your ensemble, then you can now wear your formal attire to your formal social gathering. When wearing your cummerbund, you must remember that its pleats should point upward. It should have a snug fit to your body and not to the point of squeezing the air out of you. The proper placement of the cummerbund should be over the shirt and trousers but should be under the jacket. Though waistcoats or vests are also considered, you can only wear either one of them.

Cummerbunds are a great accessory in a formal event. If you're dreading to wear your tuxedo in a more fashionable way, then wear a cummerbund with matching tie. It not only adds a touch of personality to your formal attire, but it also gives off an elegant demeanor to the wearer.

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