Choir Costumes for Show Choirs

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Musical comedy-dramas like Glee are among the most popular shows featured on television these days. Presenting a diverse group of vocally-talented boys and girls of different races, this musical hit has captivated hoards of teens from around the world. Glee has basically fueled a renewed interest in show choirs and highlights acts on singing and dancing while wearing formal wear.

Like what is seen on Glee, show choirs generally feature choral pop singing with choreographed dance moves in colorful and glitzy productions. If anyone can remember, this is similar to popular variety shows back in the 1960’s. Too often, such kind of competitions are rather labeled as ambitious and expensive considering that it requires some extravagant spending on choir costumes, choreographers and arrangements, among others.

Now, choir costumes are not new in the clothing industry. Obvious as it is, the demand for such products have gone up along with the popularization of show choirs and events, with the advent of Glee. In effect, such types of performance clothes are now manufactured in large numbers.

Basically, performance clothing for choirs were first used in the 1960s when two groups of performers made their way across the United States and influenced people to sing and dance in uniform. These groups had presentations in some schools and have helped open opportunities for the development of new skills and talents. Today, more than a dozen schools in California and Massachusetts have show choirs.

Compared to the standard choir group, show choirs render choral singing combined with more expressed dance moves. Such performances typically revolve around a specific concept or idea and basically require a particular choir outfit to be worn, which would help the group convey their message more effectively.

Uniforms for show choirs can either be either semi-formal or formal wear and are usually chosen depending on the theme of the performance. Typical formal choir costumes for dramatic renditions include sparkling sequin dresses for women and custom-designed tux for men. Choirs that feature contemporary numbers such as pop and hip hop usually require semi-formal outfits. Aside from the theme, other factors that need to be considered when choosing choir clothing include the audience and the event itself. Remember, choir clothes are as important as the performers’ choreography and should never be overlooked.

Show choir performers usually look for performance clothing that allows them to move freely throughout the show. These performers are often involved in various routines. Hence there is a need to put on flexible attires. Depending on preference, these performance costumes may be rented or bought online.

But aside from putting emphasis on the costumes, performers should also give ample attention to honing their talents. After all, being part of a show choir doesn’t only necessitate that you impress people. You should entertain them. Show choirs are not only centered on packaging but also on the skills of the group that is taking the stage. As such, along with the performance clothing, the singing and dancing routine of presentors should also be enhanced.

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