Appropriate Tuxedo Wear During A Warm Weather

Published: 25th August 2010
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Rain or shine, the show must go on.

For any formal event, unpredictable weather conditions do not generally pose a big threat. But it does become an inconvenience to the attendees. Though it may be a bit daunting, men and women can still wear fashionable and formal clothing during storms. Actually, cold weather conditions can be easily managed by just donning on thick leather jackets or faux fur. However, the most tricky kind of weather to manage are warm or tropical seasons, like summer.

During warm days, it is really uncomfortable to put on layers of clothes. Women can easily pull off a gown by just wearing something sleeveless. Men, on the other hand, have the disadvantage. Tuxedos are the most formal type of clothing men can wear during black-tie events. But since the typical black would look too uncomfortable, a white dinner jacket can serve as an alternative. The white dinner jackets are more understated as compared to the black ones. But it still gives off that elegant air that formal clothing should have.

Now if you plan to host a formal party on a hot summer day, then consider wearing a white dinner jacket to the event. Not only will it give you the formal look you need to complement the event, it will also make you stand out among other guests. Remember though that white tuxedos are only worn during specific formal occasions, like country club events. If you wear it somewhere else, you might risk looking like a waiter or musician in the party.

If you are to wear such clothing on a hot day, then a single-breasted mens coat is highly recommended as compared to a double-breasted jacket. See, single-breasted jackets can be worn unbuttoned and it will allow the user to feel cooler despite multiple layers of clothing. If you donít look too good on a crisp white single-breasted jacket, then you can opt to wear an off-white, cream or ivory colored jacket.

If you already have chosen the appropriate white jacket, you can consider pairing it off with a soft, turn-down collar dress shirt. When it comes to trousers, a warm-weather fabric in blue or black is recommended for this gives you a more polished appearance paired with you white jacket. One thing you have to remember is that you have to choose fabrics that are cool and light. This way you wonít feel that hot all day.

Usually, a tuxedo is paired with a vest. Since a vest covers most of your upper body, it is best to wear its counterpart instead. Cummerbunds are much preferred as compared for a summer affair. Although they have the same purpose, the cummerbunds are more lightweight. To add, they also only cover half of the torso, giving enough body exposure for the cool breeze.

The inconvenience of attending a formal affair during a warm tropical heat can be corrected just by wearing the right clothes. Hopefully, the tips presented will help you look formally fashionable under the heat of the sun. Just remember, pick light weight materials for your formal clothing and youíll be ready to party all day long.

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